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Thinning hair is a common problem affecting 50% of men and women globally. Nioxin, the number one salon brand for thicker, fuller hair provides advanced scalp care as a solution to this problem. As an extension of facial skin, the scalp requires the same attention and treatment.

Nioxin’s innovative range of products are designed to strengthen, nourish and repair hair from its foundation – the scalp – because scalp health creates hair health. Along with customised technologies, Nioxin products provide the perfect foundation for thicker, fuller-looking hair.

As the most awarded brand for thinning hair in the US and with more than 30 years of research, you can be assured of positive results.

NIOXIN delivers a unique personalized solutions for hair thinning that works. Nioxin’s products are designed to give you a healthy scalp, because it gives your hair the best possible foundation from which to grow.

The Nioxin Systems are a series of product kits designed to wash the hair and scalp, and are marketed for the potential to protect the hair by decreasing scalp sebum, inhibiting the production of DHT, and increasing blood circulation within the scalp.
Nioxin shampoo and the Nioxin systems do not claim to be a hair regrowth product, but are instead designed to manage a couple of the underlying causes of hair fall.

If an individual’s hair loss is directly caused by the lack of effective blood flow to the hair follicle or the white buildup of sebum caused by DHT, then it is possible for some hair to grow back if it is addressed early enough and significant damage has not been caused.